Do you want to know the proven angular cheilitis treatment? Angular cheilitis may also be known as stomatitis or perleche and it is caused by the growth of fungal bacteria that develops right in the corners of your mouth. This condition is extremely painful and some have even described the pain as excruciating. Cheilitis begins to manifest itself usually through a sore at one or both corners of the mouth. Angular cheilitis can spread and infect the tongue, inner lips and insides of the cheeks as well as the gums.

angular cheilitis treatment

A better understanding of Angular Cheilitis causes would help to know how to end it with certainty. Following is a list of possible causes:

  • The basic one is the food bacteria needs to flourish and that is moisture. In winter season or under long exposure to sun, the lips get dried enough to necessitate frequent licking of lips. By this natural act bacterium gets a constant supply of food.
  • Our food has a direct relation to the internal immune systems in our body. Human body has an inbuilt natural mechanism to fight bacteria that becomes weak due to poor eating habits.
  • Due to various reasons, mouth closes improperly and a skin pocket develops at the mouth corners where bacteria can hide. These pockets can be of old age wrinkles, a weight gain in the face or because of badly aligned artificial teeth.

Angular Cheilitis Treatment

What are considered the best and the most effective cheilitis treatment? It is very important to treat angular cheilitis since not only is it a very painful condition which can most often lead to bleeding and pus-forming episodes, it can also affect a person who is afflicted with it socially. Since it is manifested physically and targets perhaps the most visible part of the body which is the face, it is imperative that a treatment is pursued as soon as symptoms of it start to manifest. Some of the angular cheilitis treatment options:

  • Cracks in the corner of the mouth caused by staph will often need antibiotics or antibacterial medications. There are a few really good creams and gels that will work effectively such as Miconazole gel. The Gels such as this may also be antifungal by nature and work more effectively to treat the infected area.
  • Many young children who have dryness in the corner of their mouth will tend to continue licking the area to find some relief and it is important to encourage young children not to lick the infected area. It will only make the bacteria spread and get worse. Effective treatment in this instacne such as: lip balm and vaseline.
  • A low immune system is one of the causes of infection in the area of  mouth. You can improving the efficiency of the immune system through vitamins and supplements.
  • Dentures can quite easily lead to the development of a variety of bacteria which can add to any current infections. One way to combat bacteria build up is by soaking dentures overnight in an antiseptic. Dentures may also need to be refitted if they have not been fitted correctly in the first place.
  • Using creams that contains a combination of steroid treatment and antifungal. This means that the fungus is being treated by the Nystatin and the steroid is perfect to reduce redness, swelling, itching.

Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

A lot of various types of home remedies for angular cheilitis are available and certainly their efficiency is also different from each other. In some cases, vitamin B or iron deficiencies are the causes of this disease, so try taking supplements or eating foods high in these minerals in order to prevent infection.

The ingredients don’t cost a lot of money like the chemical treatment methods. These ingredients are easily available and you can apply the remedy right away. Usually the patients notice the benefits after a few days of application of the home cheilitis remedy. The best thing is that this natural home remedy is applicable for both elderly people and young adults. Here are some home remedies for angular cheilitis:

  • Drink lots of water to moisturize your lips.
  • Cut a piece of cucumber and rub it to your lips. This can ease the dryness of your lips.
  • Aloe Vera is another plant that can help you ease the pain from Chelitis.
  • Unflavored lip balms are effective in keeping moisture in your lips.
  • If you live in a dry area, try installing humidifiers in your home to prevent your skin getting dry.
  • Avoid using make up on your face until it heals.

angular cheilitits treatment

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